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Welcome to the 'Höheren Internatsschule
des Bundes' in Vienna!

The H.I.B. Vienna is an Austrian public school. It offers four different programs, all of which conclude with a comprehensive final examination (Matura) after the eighth and final year.

  • 'Gymnasium' for Modern Languages: Not only does this program include enough Latin instruction to satisfy all of the upper-level requirements of the Ministry of Education, it also places special emphasis and value on the acquisition of 'living' languages (French, Italian, English).
  • Art Program: The curriculum of this program, 'Artistic Development', is offered for between 5 and 7 hours of class instruction per week. This class imparts practical methods (painting, graphic design, sculpting, photography, film etc.) in addition to art theory and art history.
  • Music Program: The curriculum of this program, 'Musical Development', is offered for between 3 and 5 hours of classroom instruction per week. In addition, mandatory instrument lessons bring the student closer to mastery of his/her chosen musical instrument.
  • Ballet Program: The students' schedule is created in cooperation with the Austrian State Opera (Staatsoper) and the Conservatory of Vienna. This program offers the opportunity of intensive specialized dance instruction coinciding with the fulfilment of all necessary upper-level scholastic requirements, including successful completion of the comprehensive final examination (Matura).

Which Aspects of Our School Do Parents and Students Value?

  • A familiar atmosphere despite the size of the school (presently about 850 students).
  • International Flair provided through our native-speaking foreign language assistants and numerous foreign students from all over the globe.
  • Unique course combinations: music, art, dance, Latin and modern languages
  • In addition: 32 elective courses and extra-curricular activities
    • Creativity: choir, theater and drama, symphonic ensemble, piano, guitar, E- organ, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, violin, cello, pop music, voice development and singing.
    • Sports: basketball, football (soccer), volleyball, endurance, strength and speed, gymnastics and jazz-gymnastics.
    • Languages: English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish
    • Practical Skills: 'Cooking Made Easy' for beginners and novices, adventures in biology, political science and law, computer science, rhetoric and presentation, typing and word processing on the PC, introduction to Scientific Methods.
    • Special Needs: courses for dyslexic students, German as a second language.
  • Spacious grounds including a basketball court and an artificial-turf football field.
  • Two large gymnasiums and a gymnastics room.
  • In-house cafeteria with an alternating regular and vegetarian menu.
  • School and boarding under one roof created after the principles of Otto Glöckel, school reformer, who founded our school in 1919.

(Translation: Tim O'Brien, English language assistent, 1999)